Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Have YOU ever thought about fostering?

The need is great, the time is now - please join us.

Teasle lived her whole life with ear mites in her previous home. She was spayed through a community outreach program.

Her ears are healing, she's had dental work done and is waiting for a forever home.

She's a mellow lover.

Pet Haven pays for vet care and can provide food and usually litter and other supplies.

Seen a stray on the streets in your neighborhood? Wondered how it survives, where it gets food, how it spends it's days and nights?

Not ready to commit to full time pet ownership but you live in housing that would allow you to have a cat, or dog?

Do you have 6 months to a year to offer to a pet?

Could you attend adoption events twice a month for a few hours to show your foster to the public? You'd need to provide some pictures and bio information to advocate for the right home for this pet.

Do you have a love of animals, want to keep them safe and give them a chance to find a new and secure home?

If you could foster for Pet Haven, we in the cat division would give you a cat that has already been in a foster home. We know what it likes to eat, what kind of litterbox it uses, what it acts like around people. That would open up a spot at an existing foster home to take in a new cat.

Summer is a busy time and the time of the year when there are the most adult cats and kittens in sight, waiting to be rescued.

Tilly is one of them. She had 8 kittens! She would love to be able to have a spot of her own to recover, start playing and forget motherhood. Her kittens do not need her any more and she would love more attention.

Because of the recent tornados in MN families are having to give up their pets. Shelters are being inundated as they struggle to find a spot for the cats and dogs already in the shelter and the new ones who need to find a home.

Learn more about fostering for Pet Haven by clicking here.

If you can help by providing a foster home, we can help another cat or dog.

Working together, we can help more companion animals find forever homes.

If you are unable to foster there are other equally important things you can do for Pet Haven, check us out!

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