Monday, June 7, 2010

Adoption and newcomers

Croquet is the third of the kittens from the hoarder house we rescued 13 from in March who has been adopted. She is a very cute and spunky little girl who loves to show off, be with people and play with another cat. She joins another cat who was adopted two years ago from Pet Haven who also came from a hoarder situation.

We are not a large enough group to regularly take in many from a hoarder but do become involved occasionally through the Animal Humane Society and private cases we learn about. These cats can be very disadvantaged - ill, starving, filthy from no litterboxes that are clean, hairless from poor or inadequate nutrition, flea bitten to the point of having scratched themselves raw and for the babies that means severe anemia also, sometimes they do not survive.

This group has by and large regained their health and most are ready to be adopted. Truly a success story.

The following kittens will be ready for adoption after their spay/neuter surgery on June 8 and a few days recovery at their foster home. Their mother was not even a year old when she had these 5 - teenagers shouldn't have kittens and Padua is happy to be a real 'cat' with time for games and fun.

Her kittens were born on St Patrick's Day and have Irish names. Here are pictures of some of them:

Two boys and 3 girls. One boy is a medium haired brown tabby with white - he'll be quite the stunner when he grows up. The others are all short haired. Another boy who is gray and white, 3 girls who are gray and white with one brown tabby and white. They are all well socialized, lots of fun and love to play with another kitten or older cat.

Gracie is visiting Chuck and Don's in Highland. She's a cute girl, is fine with a respectful dog and loves to sit in your lap. She's very people attentive!

Here she is, waiting for her foster mom to come sit down in their favorite chair!

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