Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Extra ordinary care

Sometimes cats and dogs come to Pet Haven needing care beyond the regular veterinary care we provide. That includes, testings, vaccinations, deworming, treatment for fleas and earmites, spay and neuter, microchipping, sometimes dental work and treatment for upper respiratory infections is not unusual.

Because our adoption fee of $130.00 - $150.00 does not cover even these 'basic' costs, we rely on donors and fundraisers to help these companion animals.

Two of the kittens who have needed extraordinary care in the last 10 months are Smokey and Wendy.

Smokey was hit by a car and stabilized at a vet clinic, ER clinic and the U of M clinic for 5 days before Pet Haven took him. He was fortunate to have a benefactor willing to support him in this way. He was 12 weeks old, unable to stand steadily, couldn't swallow and couldn't use the litterbox initially. Through many weeks of TLC he regained all of those skills and is now a normal 8-9 month old kitten who runs through the house, comes for attention and gets into mischief. He visited an eye specialist many times, had to have two teeth removed surgically from his sinus cavity and, of course, was neutered! He occasionally continues to need eye ointment applied to his right eye which has vision but has no sensation.

Wendy came to Pet Haven in March from a hoarder house. She was at least 6 months of age and weighed slightly over 2#. She was covered in feces, urine and fleas and her 'owner' had ignored her eye infection which resulted in untold pain and suffering, the rupture of one eye and scaring on the other one so her sight was very limited. Wendy learned to use a litterbox - a skill she had never learned because the hoarder did not have enough and did not keep the two in the home clean.

She has visited the opthamologist also and recently had the ruptured eye removed and the third eyelid and scaring peeled from her other eye. He is optimistic that she will have much improved vision and she is showing that in her ability to catch toys more easily - as well as noticing shadows she could not see before.

Wendy and Smokey are in the same foster home and play well together, probably fairly close in age but there is a difference in size. Smokey is looking for a new home, it will be a few more months before Wendy is able to go to a new home.

Looking for a pair of cats who have beaten the odds? They are a good match for each other although both enjoy other cats too. Wendy and Smokey also get along well with the two medium sized dogs who visit the foster home regularly.

If you are able to make a donation to help cover expenses such as theirs, or to help with the regular vet care we always provide, you may send checks to:

Pet Haven Inc. of MN
PO Box 19105
Minneapolis MN 55419

We are a 501.3(c) and all donations are tax deductible.

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