Thursday, May 20, 2010


We remember another of our older cats today. Bartholomew was found in one of the dog runs of a vet clinic boarding area when staff came to work one day.

He had obviously been picked up, held and dropped into the kennel. His coat was badly matted, virtually to the skin. He had the usual vet work, he had previously been neutered, and was given a 'lion cut', dental work and set about looking for a new home. He was judged to be middle aged anyway.

A favorite game was to collect his toys and place them in his foster mom's shoes!

Bart had a good prospect on a new home when he began to lose weight. Blood tests showed him to be in kidney failure and his foster home agreed to keep him and then adopted him. He fit into their home well with two other persians who enjoyed other cats although he was not as fond of the latest foster cat since she enjoyed bossing him around.

He recovered quite well from his initial diagnosis but began to fail again recently.

He was a goodlooking fellow who was well loved and cared for and had a cozy home and sunny windows, a full food bowl and family who loved him and stuck with him to the end.

Rest in peace, handsome boy.

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