Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update on Smokey

Smokey is growing and doing well. Soon he will be neutered.

If you didn't see the first post, he came to Pet Haven after being struck by a car or truck and left for dead on the road. His benefactors picked him up, paid for his treatment at their clinic and the ER clinic and a weekend at the U also.

Pet Haven agreed to take him and he was picked up on a Monday.

Smokey was under 3# then - probably about 10 weeks old. He had a serious eye abrasion, couldn't stand up initially and had lost the ability to swallow. By mid week that week he was swallowing tiny amounts of food put at the back of his mouth many times a day and his balance was coming back. He figured out how to use the litterbox again.

He saw an opthamologist and his eye has continued to be treated. The lids were sewn partially shut to keep it moist but still allow medication to be put in. Because he had lost his 'blink' reflex, he didn't keep it moist enough on his own. He has been discharged there but will continue to need moisture added to his eye as anyone with dry eyes does. He does blink now but because he has no feeling in his eye, he doesn't do it often enough on his own. 3-4 times a day would be best. He could also have his eyelids sewn partially closed again which would help protect it. He has some scaring on his eye from the ulcer.

His sinus cavities have been rearranged and he is snarky sounding often. With the dryer air now that it is winter we will be trying saline nose drops to see if that will help. He may need to be on an antibiotic periodically if an infection occurs.

Physically he has recovered and is a normal fellow.

He tears up and down the stairs and plays actively with the other kittens in the foster home.

He has turned into a huge lover and has a big-time motor. He loves to be near your face and purr and purr while you pet him.

He uses the litterbox fine and eats well.

Dry food takes some time because his tongue action isn't quite as smooth and he loves his canned food - twice a day. That demands some supervision since he is a bit of a sloppy eater, pushing it off the dish so someone sits with him and scoops it back on the dish. He also is patient about having a little face wash afterwards as he still plants his face in the food a little bit.

He is petrified of the vacuum and is moved away when it comes out. He will spin in circles in a panic rather than run from it so he needs a little guidance there -that is the only time his brain injury seems to be noticeable.

Smokey has beaten the odds - he survived and is doing very well considering his serious injuries. He will need an owner who will help him continue to thrive and care for his eye and nasal problems as they might occur. In return, you'll definitely have a boy with a story AND a hugely affectionate, medium haired black fellow to keep you company!

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CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

Oh...I am sooo hoping that Smokey finds a wonderful loving home soon. Poor little guy has been through so much!