Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stories we love to hear

At our last adoption on Dec. 19, a foster adopted her foster cat! That's always good news - it means the cat and the foster have found each other to be a good fit for each other. Holly Berry is a lucky lady.

Other than that, we had just a few lookers but we had a number of visitors. One of the things fosters love is to hear how happy an owner is with the cat or cats they adopted from Pet Haven. We've taken a feline stranger into our homes and made it part of the family while we look for a forever home for it. When we hear how those cats have finally found just the right spot, it brightens our days!

Sammy was adopted in August and one of his owners became ill and died too soon afterwards. His other owner has shared a picture of him and told us how much he enjoys having this loving fellow for a friend and companion. Sammy has him wrapped around his little toes - just as it should be!

One foster received a Christmas card with pictures of a former foster. You can see that Max is a well loved boy!

They're thinking of adding another cat to the family and perhaps a dog in the near future too!

One of our fosters has adopted two cats from Pet Haven - and continues to foster! They choose their cats because they get along with others. Xiomara was adopted first - she's a brown tabby persian and is on Santa's knee. Then along came Xerxes, another brown tabby persian and he can be seen on Santa's shoulder. Bart is also a former Pet Haven foster and when he developed kidney disease, the family adopted him. He's since recovered almost completely and is doing well!

How often do you think it is that Santa gets to have 3 cats in his arms for a picture?

One of our adopters lives nearby an adoption location and stops in frequently to check up on the cats we have and enjoys all our stories about them and rejoices with us when we place them. She also supports us with an occasional gift card to a pet store which we appreciate but we really enjoy being able to share our love of the felines in our care with someone else and know that she is rooting for them, just as we are.

Another adopter who now has 3 Pet Haven cats stopped by to tell us how much joy the last two have brought to their home. The girls have become best friends and playmates.

Thank you to all of you who love your rescued companion animal and have made it a part of your family!

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