Friday, December 11, 2009

In loving memory of Sylvestre

We recently received a note from Sylvestre's adopters ... Slyvestre was one lucky cat when he was adopted to Ayers and Marian in 1994. We are always grateful to hear form our adopters and we share in their sadness in the passing of their beloved family member, who in our hearts ... any Pet Haven foster cat or dog is always a Pet Haven family member:

"My much beloved Sylvestre, dear Pet Haven cat from 1994, had to be euthanized on Tuesday (following advice from the vet who had been Sylvestre's medical monitor for more than a decade). Sylvestre had survived much during his sixteen (perhaps even eighteen) years, including radioactive iodine treatments to cope with his thyroid problem.

I am in the midst of grieving, tears erupting at odd moments, disgracing this old man of 78 years. My hope is that Marian and I can find another Pet Haven little fellow as much like Sylvestre as possible - - knowing, of course, that our beloved little fellow can only be "replaced," not duplicated

Thank you Ayers and Marian for loving Sylvestre and providing him with the best life possible.

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