Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Leslie has a new name - Teo! and a new home! He is now king of his domain and doesn't need to share with another cat - all the better so he has more attention for himself.

Sitting on his owner's chest while she is own the phone - we think he wants to pin the person down so he gets lots of loving! He's not shy about sharing kisses and head-butting either.

He's thinking about taking up a new career too -

This fellow came to Pet Haven in Feb. 2009 with a compound fracture of a back leg which was badly infected. After fighting infection, amputation and neutering, recovery and then more recovery from extended pain episodes he has forgotten what life with 4 legs was all about. Safe, protected, cared for and love - what more could a companion want?

No more nights on the streets, out in the cold, wondering where your next drink of water and bite of food would come from. No more wondering when you would get some love from a person.

Congratulations, Teo and Tamara!

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