Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Samantha is one of the new kids who will be attending adoption events this next weekend. She is new to Pet Haven. After eating from a volunteers deck briefly, she was live trapped and has shown herself to be a friendly and loving girl. She loves to play and gets along well with another cat or kitten. She's not at all bothered by the pug in the foster home either. She's just a kitten herself, probably 8-9 months.

Some of the younger kittens who are ready for adoption are:

Drizzle -

Tempest and Drizzle

And Chinook, who claimed the Christmas tree as her own!

Not wanting to be left out is Ms Marcy -

Interested in adoption? Go to our website at PetHavenMN.org. Click on dog/cat available for adoption and there you will find a cat adoption application. Fill it out, send it in and your inquiry will be sent on to the foster home. Pet Haven has many cats and kittens waiting for adoption. Some would like to be only adored cats in their home, some love a dog, some love another cat!

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