Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black and more black!

Pet Haven cats have gradually moved from many orange cats and kittens this year although we still have some orange to be adopted, to more and more black.

Sometimes black cats and dogs are overlooked. It is harder to get a good picture of a black cat, lighting is critical. As with other colors of cats we get lots of pictures of tails and back legs as they move away from us!

Here are two boys, brothers, that you won't want to miss.

Denny has slightly rounder eyes and is cute as a button.

Duke and Denny are medium haired black smoke kittens. Smoke is a description of how each hair is colored with the part closest to the body being very light gray. So, they are black on the surface and light colored as the hair comes from the body. You can see a lighter shading in their coats around the chest area which is the light color coming through. If you ruffle the hair you see more of the light color.

Besides that, they are just handsome, full-of-it fellows!

Duke is a little braver, comes for attention more readily and Denny is a little more reserved. Both boys are affectionate and both are very busy and play hard.

They do not have to be adopted together but each would need to go with another cat who also wanted to play. Placed alone, Boredom would likely set in followed closely by Mischief!

Duke on the left, Denny on the right.

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