Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Chuck and Don's is selling Paw Prints this holiday season to help increase the number of companion animals who get spayed or neutered so they will not continue to contribute to the overpopulation problem in cats and dogs. Funds will be donated to Pet Haven and go into a grant program that other organizations can apply for or to Pet Haven's sliding scale fee spay and neuter program.

Recently employees from Chuck and Don's and volunteers from Pet Haven were at Maplewood Mall to encourage people waiting to see Santa to become informed about spay and neuter and to purchase a $1.00 Paw Print.

December is a busy month. A project like this adds to a volunteers already busy schedule of caring for their foster and getting to adoption events.

Some of those who helped out at the mall were: Becky with Emmett, Sue with Riley, Kathleen with Dudley, Barbara with Nick and Victor (on two different weekend days!), Lauren and Mike, Eldora, Marilou and Ahnung and Shelly who organized and was there every shift. All of this means picking up other fosters cats or dogs, having a sleep-over for some pets and lots of driving back and forth.

Pet Haven is proud to have volunteers willing to spread the word for a crucial need such as this one!

Thank you everyone - whether you are an employee with pets who were ambassadors or Pet Haven volunteers. We can do it together!

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