Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Success - weight loss, a new home!

Jumbalaya came to us a rather 'chunky' boy - he had been free fed at a shelter and wasn't getting enough exercise, much less watching the calories he was inhaling!

His new foster home put him on a limited amount of food - measured out twice a day. Big boy that he was, he tolerated reduced rations in good humor and had 3 rounds of exercise each day.

He wasn't as happy or enthusiastic about that! At first it was hard to get him to raise a paw to reach out and grab at a fishing pole type toy that was being run across the floor in front of him.
Gradually, it became more interesting. With 3 family members agreeing to spend 10 minutes each day getting him up and active, soon he found it more fun and the ounces started to come off. What self respecting cat wouldn't love all that extra attention poured out on him?

Soon toys were great and he increased his activity on his own as well as continuing his exercise periods. He went to a new foster home, a large 'victorian' with a group of young adults living together and he had lots of space and stairs to go up and down to visit everyone many times a day and the weight continued to melt off.

He came to us in Aug. of 2010. Today he has a new home, a new friend, Cookie, and new family members who are as charmed with him as everyone who met him in Pet Haven were. Cookie is still under the impression that the dog is the boss in the house but Jumby is not very impressed with such an attitude!

He tips the scales at just under 14 #. He's lost a little more than 5# in 5 months - way to go Jumby! We wish you a long and healthy life!

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Marilou said...

Panther--I'm so glad I could be a part of your journey home!

-Karen, Eagan Animal Control

* Karen: for some reason your comment didn't post when I approved it so i'm posting it under my ID. Thanks so much for being a part of Panther's journey and helping find his way back home and to warmth and safety :)

Marilou - Pet Haven Inc of Minnesota