Monday, January 31, 2011

Snow White

We keep learning more things about Ms. Snow - more things to love and enjoy! You may be tired of that white stuff outside but this white girl is full of games and antics to help you get through a long winter.

Snow loves to play - she'll ambush you from under the bed.

She loves to have you play chase with her and will come find you again if you quit too soon.

She loves the stuffed animals she's found - they must have been meant for her!

She's been in her new foster home a couple weeks now and is really settling in, enjoying visitors to the apartment and getting friendlier and more at ease with everyone.

She loves to be on the back of the couch and watch folks walking by out on the sidewalk. She probably wonders why they are out in the snow as she used to be while she gets to be toasty warm and pampered now!

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