Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow? tired of snow?

Surely not tired of this Snow(white) - she's a beautiful young girl who loves to play.

This picture doesn't do her justice - she has incredibly pretty blue eyes.

We're not sure why she found herself outside, all alone with just a flea collar to keep her company - but she did. Now she's warm and safe inside a foster home. Attempts to find an owner over a 3 week period were fruitless.

Snow has a lovely coat as well as her eyes to draw your attention. She's very playful and loves to have you play games with her too.

In her foster home she is not fond of the other cats who are older. If she had a spunky playmate who wouldn't run from her, she might be fine with another cat but at this point we'd have to say she's looking to be the only feline charmer in the home!

Need someone in your life who likes to cuddle and give kisses? That's just one of her specialties!

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