Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Hector!

Hector came to us from a reservation a long ways away, a little over a month ago. It was bitterly cold and there was lots of snow there too -

He, other cats and kittens endured the long, long ride along with a larger number of dogs and puppies.

Hector is just an every-day, ordinary, black, short haired cat - who was very seriously ill. He had had fleas, still had them, and they had passed on to him a disease that attacks the red blood cells in his body. He was seriously anemic.

If he had been unseen the day of the transport and left behind, he would have died within a week -

If he hadn't gotten into a vet clinic 36 hours later, he wouldn't have been diagnosed and could have died in a foster home - a friendly boy who likes people really well, a great lap cat.

With a specific antibiotic for a month and prednisone, he has made a full recovery. He's been neutered, finally gotten his vaccinations today after having his blood count checked one more time. He's still in the process of being dewormed - we want to make sure his intestinal parasite 'load' is way down so he continues to be healthy.

He hasn't been introduced to other cats yet since he was so ill. He should do fine with a respectful dog, he's met a couple of medium sized ones with no great concern.

He's hoping to find a home that has toys, will keep him inside and warm and fed and that has one or more laps for him to curl up in.

Hector - one more survivor. A very lucky boy -

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