Friday, January 28, 2011


Do you know what a manx cat is? Being a manx, without most or virtually all of a tail, is an accident of birth.

Some folks breed for that look and many of those kittens die before birth or shortly after from other spinal malformations. Occasionally it just 'happens' when two cats with tails breed.

We assume that is how Ms. Annalie became a manx.

She's a very cute brown tabby girl with short hair and just a stub of a tail.

She loves heights.

The top of the refrigerator - the top of the dining room hutch or bookcase. Perched on your shoulder as you move around the house!

Annalie loves her toys too - and snuggling in a lap to keep you company and to take a snooze. She's a people lover and enjoys lots of play time - with you or another cat or kitten. Her foster home includes a small dog and she is fine with him.

Like other Pet Haven cats, she has been tested for feline leukemia and fiv and was negative. She is up to date on her vaccinations, has been spayed, microchipped and dewormed several times, treated for fleas and earmites as needed. Her adoption fee is $130.

Go to the adoption application, fill it out and submit it and it will be sent to her foster home for a return call to see if this cute little bunny is right for your home!

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