Sunday, April 26, 2009


Peter is one of the new fellows at Pet Haven.  On his visit to the doctor, he needed to be encouraged to step on the scale - we can certainly understand!  

Peter had been hearing that perhaps he was , s-h-h-h-h, OVERWEIGHT!

The news is not good.  A 4 letter word is in order!  D-i-e-t!  

Peter is such a charming fellow he isn't going to mind too much.  He's gentle and laid back and wants to be with you.  If he's alone at bedtime he calls out, "Hello?  Hello?.  Perhaps you will call me and I can come sleep on the bed with you".  He's finding toys he likes in his foster home too  -  a hamster in a cage that runs and runs and makes for great watching.  He likes the ball in the ring too.  Peter has accepted the pug in the house easily as well as another couple of cats. Soon his bio will be up on the website and he'll be ready for a new home.  

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