Monday, April 13, 2009

Once again

Moose has had surgery on his right ear.  At another shelter, he had a damaged ear flap and it was removed.  Unfortunately, the vet did not look carefully enough to discover the cause of the problem.  

Moose had polyps in that ear.  He has lived with infection in his ear for a number of years and when he came to Pet Haven he was treated for an infection but when it  didn't clear up as it should have, the vet took a more careful look.  Moose was sedated and he had several polyps in his ear. 

A specialist was called in for surgery and Moose has had his total ear canal removed.  It had multiple polyps, infection and damaged tissue from the years of infection.  Moose is a good natured boy but he has struggled with pain and eye drops and oral medication and antibiotics (which caused diarrhea).  The indignities of it all!  

Right now Moose is having trouble blinking his right eye because of swelling after the surgery and we hope he will get over that soon.  'Dry eye' drops are keeping his eye healthy until he recovers that ability. He may be hard of hearing in that ear but will manage fine since he has another ear to hear you coming up for some special Moose-pats.  

Soon Moose hopes to be feeling much more like himself - a gentle giant of a guy who loves to be with you, likes to be on your lap and sleep near you, who plays and amuses you.  He's an easy going fellow who gets along with another cat and loves tummy rubs also!   Keep checking - he'll be ready to be adopted soon.  


bee listy said...

Poor guy! We've been following Moose's story and keep thinking about meeting him-- we've got two other black rescue cats at home. Maybe when he's feeling better, we can meet him to see if he'd fit in at our place!


jeanebellini said...

i had been wondering if Moose had the same thing my kitty black rescue kitty Salem had the same thing (ear problem that went unchecked and then it was thought to be just an infection)and finally he was diagnosed with polyps...then we were told he had cancer and had to have both his inner and outter eat removed. That was the summer of 2008 and he's doing fine now.
Hang in there Moose..and just tell folks that even if you're not asymetrical you're still lovable and full of love!

NativeDancer said...

How is Moose doing? Has he found
a forever home?