Sunday, April 19, 2009

Amanda and Alex

Amanda and Alex are siblings - they're very attractive gray tabbies with lots of personality.  

Amanda likes to play, she is patient and gentle and helps you think of all the things you enjoy about having a cat in your home - a warm bed, food in the bowl and someone to snuggle with.  

Alex is a little more of a live wire and enjoys having you play with a pole toy with him!  He's cute and clever in his actions and likes to be busy around the house.  Alex was with a dog briefly and thought the dog was a lot of fun too.  

Alex and Amanda would make a great pair if you are looking for a pair.  We have not had them with children but they should do fine with gentle children.  Neither is a biter and would probably just find another place to rest if they grew tired of attention from a youngster.  They do not have to be adopted together.  

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