Sunday, April 26, 2009


These little guys were born one day this last week on someone's deck.  There were 4, one was probably dead at birth or shortly after.  Another died during the day when mom left and didn't come back.  

These two, a boy and a girl, were found when the owner came back from work.  She called a vet clinic we work with and they were brought in and are being bottle fed in a Pet Haven foster home.

It's not the same as having a real mom but some moms don't have much maternal instinct.  The mother has been back to eat since then and the owner will continue to try to live trap or catch this feral girl in a carrier so she can be brought in to be spayed.  The owner has had a project on her hands over the last few years with trapping, altering and then releasing or finding homes for the ones that could be tamed.  

How do we end up with feral cats breeding uncontrolled?  

Someone puts outside a tame cat they no longer want - she got pregnant again!  

Why not take her to a humane society or rescue group?  

Why  not get help and get her spayed and enjoy her company for years?  A number of groups offer to help pay for spay and neuter.


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