Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pet Haven Fall Benefit

Last night, Pet Haven held its second annual fall benefit to raise money. The goal of the program is to help save cats and dogs from the streets and put them into the loving hands of a new family. The cat blog and Pet Haven's website is designed to raise awareness about adoptable cats and dogs. If you are looking to adopt a cat, you have come to the right place. Featured on this blog in previous and upcoming posts, are cats that are available for adoption. You can view pictures and read details about each cat. If you prefer dogs you can check out Pet Haven's dog blog and I also encourage everyone to learn more about Pet Haven itself.

My girlfriend Kelsey and I volunteered last month at Pet Haven's Meow Off event, featuring a cat walk fashion show and a meowing competition. We fell in love with Pet Haven and all it does to help get stray animals off the streets and into loving homes. We agreed to volunteer at the Fall Benefit.

The Fall Benefit event held over 250 people in a sold out Double Tree ballroom. Celebrities walked down the cat walk with featured dogs and cats from the program. A silent auction filled with numerous goodies, artwork and gift packages was held and gift packages were given out to all attendees. Everyone that came enjoyed bags filled with puppy treats, kitty treats, chew toys, coupons and other great items. I have selected a few pictures to feature some of the cats that strutted their stuff during this event, but you can view all of my photos from the night at my Fall Benefit picture set and you can see more pictures and read more about the event at the Pet Haven Huge Success blog.

Marilou Chanrasmi, president of Pet haven, made some very heart felt speeches thanking the attendees and telling stories about some of the people and pets whose lives have been enriched through Pet Haven's services. The entire event reminded me how much pets can enrich our lives, and how it is our true duty to love and support all animals. Support Pet Haven by contributing money, volunteering your time or adopting a pet; and know that you are helping the quality of life for underprivileged animals in your community. Learn how to help at Pet Haven's website.

Browsing this blog periodically, checking the listing of available cats, looking and reading about the available animals and sending links to your cat loving friends and family will help raise awareness of Pet Haven's services. Together we can nurse sick and elderly animals back to health, and find loving homes for these amazing animals.

Enjoy the pictures below:

this cute little kitty stole the show

sporting plaid on the cat walk

arriving in galmorous style

the packed ball room before the event 

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Kristin Joy said...

One of my friend has recently adopted a pet dog & she is qiute happy with it. Now, I'm also planning to do the same, it's a nice idea to have a new companion.