Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adopt a Senior Cat

November has been declared Adopt a Senior Cat month by Petfinder.  

Sadie and Jasmine were returned to Pet Haven after being adopted as a kitten and a young adult in 1999.  Their owner has been having financial problems and was unable to care for the girls any longer.  

Sadie is a 'fur-ball'.  She has medium length black hair and loves to be brushed or combed.  She seeks you out for attention and will keep you company.  Playing with you is also great fun.  She loves a good massage.  Sadie is front paw declawed and is 9 years old.  

Jasmine is a siamese x with short hair and loves to roll around on the floor.  She is 10 years old and will also keep you company and likes to be talked to and to receive attention from you. She is also front paw declawed. 

Why would anyone want a senior pet?  

They make great companions and are no longer full of extreme amounts of energy but would enjoy having some quiet times with their owner.  

They have love to share.  

They will bring you joy and delight as you enjoy each ones unique personality.  

If you have a sunny window to look out on the world or a sunny spot to curl up in, each would be happy to make use of it.  Both girls have been to the vet and had shots updated and an exam. They are healthy and do not need any dental work done.  Both girls have a 'middle-aged' spread and are working to trim a little weight off.  Suggestions about how much to feed them would come with them. 

Jasmine and Sadie have been together for a long time but each would do fine as an only cat we believe.    

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