Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pazazz- cute cat ready for adoption

Pazazz loves to play darts, however not in conventional way you and I play darts, Pazazz loves to chase and attack those arrrant darts as if they were play toys. 

You can not tell from the pictures, but Pazazz is a bit shy and frightened during adoptions and finds the act of going to Petco to meet future owners to be a very stressful experience. Meanwhile, she is quite the charming young lady at home. 

Pazazz may not be the most social in scary situation, but these pictures are proof that she would make a great adoption for any family.   

Below, you can see Pazazz being very shy at one of the adoption events with Pet Haven. Often times you can find cats that have social anxiety, that are actually perfect housecats. I beleive 
Pazazz is one of those cats.

This little girl is loving and playful, and has beautiful golden eyes. She talks quietly to her toys and will accompany you as you go through your work-out routine. She especially likes it if you lie on your back and lift weights because she can have a warm cozy spot to curl up on your chest. See the picture below for proof.

If you enjoy relaxing on the couch at night, Pazazz would love to keep you company. 

Perhaps the best home for her would be a quiet adult home, or perhaps with a gentle child. If you are interested in adopting this sweetheart, you sould check out her listing on petfinder. Please tell other people who might be interested in adopting Pazazz to come check out the blog.

Please make sure to bookmark and visit this blog often, as we post listing of newly available cats as soon as they are available. We can help you and your friends find a great addition to your family.

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