Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nothing to do? The solution is at hand.

Norma's plotting.  

Foster mom needs some help with her projects. Which one should I tackle first?   

Which color to choose?  
Yellow looks good!

Maybe it should be green?  

Let's see.  Is it all untangled?  I think so!

Off to find my foster mom!  She'll be so proud of me. 

November is a gloomy month in MN sometimes.  There's not much encouraging news on the radio, television and in the paper.  Recount?  Economic woes?  Too much gray sky have you down?  

Norma has the solution!  She would like you to adopt a great cat companion, someone like her to cheer you up, to share laughs and tears with, to comfort and be comforted.  Norma and many others would love to help!  

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