Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hazelnut plays a game

Hazy can be a little camera shy.  

That's hard to believe when you see these pictures but she allowed her foster mom to photograph early one morning while she was at play.  

Soft, foam 'golf' balls are a favorite toy.  

She carries it around in her mouth and when she finds just the right spot she catches it on her paw and then flicks it off and a-w-a-y it goes! 

The chase is on and it is time to start the game all over again!

She's a sweet girl who loves massages, gets along with another cat or on her own and who loves to play.  

Hazy came from Red Lake Rosie's rescue with 6 kittens.  She knows what it is like to live outside and wonder where her next meal is coming from.  She hopes to be adopted soon, to cheer a new home with her antics and love and to allow another cat to come in from the cold.  

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