Saturday, October 4, 2008

A project

Bart has been owned by someone.  He has been neutered, he has been front paw declawed.  He hasn't been groomed in sometime.  

He was found in the outside dog run area of a veterinarian clinic one Monday morning in Sept. The fence is secure, it is tall and fits very close to the ground.  Bart had to have human help to find himself inside this area.  

Luckily a staff member found him before a dog or dogs were sent out into the run from the boarding area.  

Bart was taken inside.  His coat was shaved off and came off in one piece.  It takes a lot of matts to have a coat come off in one piece.  He's been tested for feline leukemia and fiv and is negative, he's had his shots updated and has been settling into a new foster home so he would feel at home before having his teeth cleaned and any necessary extractions performed.  

Bart is dealing well with the two owned cats in his foster home (both of them are persians but he thinks he's the best looking!)  He likes his foster mom but is drawn to his foster dad.  We think Bart is a silver shaded Persian.  He has a few gray hairs in his very short coat - he got to keep his fluffy face with just a little trimming and also most of his tail hair.  His hair is growing back quickly.  

Soon this boy will be looking for a new home and it needs to be one that likes a lap boy!

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