Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ms Holly Berry

Holly is one of the cutest girls we have - she's an almost white calico with just a splotch of color on her head and a fancy, colorful tail.  

Holly loves people - newcomers and old friends.  She's sure to greet friends and family at the door and welcome them in for a visit and to offer her assistance in warming their lap.  

As you can see, she likes to put on her harness and leash and go check out where the chipmunks might be feeding any day.  She looks up the drainpipes and down in a hole by the foundation and sometimes they come out from under the deck!  You have to be very quiet and stealthy to see them at their work.  

And did we mention lap time?  Sometimes it appears that Holly might have gotten into the wine - but don't tell anyone! Really, she doesn't - but her expression can make it appear she's a little tipsy.  
Perhaps she is simply pleased as punch to be in a foster home that loves her until she finds the perfect forever home for her.  Someone who will enjoy her soft and silky coat and love her always.  

Come and see her - we'll have an adoption on both Sat. the 18th and Sun. the 19th at the PetCo in Richfield.  Holly shows off her winning personality much better at home but she'll be at one of the adoptions at least.  

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