Saturday, October 4, 2008

Meow Off! A Fun Time

Everyone had fun and laughs at Pet Haven's first ever Meow Off! Most of the cats meowed on cue and received awards for Funniest and Most Unusual Meows Some also dressed up for the Best Accessorized Cat. Here are some pictures of the contest participants.

All the kitties did very well and loved their prizes. Oreo and Tiger Boy were in full costume and Juliet is enjoying the new play tent won by her brother and fellow contestant, James. The program included co-emcees Lori Ann Paulsen and Allen Chapman, judges June Byrne, Julie Daily and Heidi Vars, and video cameraperson Jennifer Ray Bertheussen. Four of the cats that participated in the Meow Off! were Pet Haven fosters: Nestle and Morsel, brothers and best buds and VERY TALKATIVE AND ACTIVE. They loved looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Doubletree Hotel Atrium. Taylor and Lucy also paraded their outfits in the "cat walk".

There will be videos via live streaming airing few times a week for a few months by logging on to and clicking on Channel 12 live streaming. Check back for when the videos will be airing.

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