Saturday, October 4, 2008

A handsome pair

Nestle and Morsel are two very attractive black brothers, born in March of 2008. They are going to be big boys. At almost 7 months of age they are over 8# in weight. Nestle has a few white whiskers, a narrower face and is longer and leaner. Morsel is more of a round boy-both in face and body!

They are good boys, well matched in their play styles and make a wonderful pair that we hope to keep together in a forever home. Their foster home has two medium sized dogs and the boys like them too. They have recently found out how to open the cupboard under the sink.  PSST -  "do you think that is where our food is kept?"

 AND the kitchen garbage basket has had to be moved to a more secure location too. Despite these spells of mischief, these fellow delight and amuse. They love games together, alone and, especially, with you. If your job is stressful, these fellows have plenty of love and games to keep you thoroughly amused.

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