Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cookie - a tough cookie?

Cookie was owned (if you  use the term loosely) by a family in N Mpls.  She was allowed outside to roam, find some food and not allowed in the house very often.  She was provided with very little food and regularly howled at the windows of neighbors to come in, get some pats and be fed. When the owners moved, what do you think happened? 

It wasn't too much of a surprise to the neighbors when Cookie wasn't included in the items that were valuable and that would go with them but left behind with the rest of the unwanted items.  

Cookie has been taken in by one of the neighbors and is being fostered inside as a Pet Haven cat. She would really like to be an only cat - she's not appreciative of the two other cats in the house or the dogs.  Surely a gal like this should be able to be an only girl in her forever home.  

Cookie is a little rough around the edges - she is easily overstimulated and then gets 'nippy'.  She wants and needs attention but when you weren't raised with gentle and considerate treatment, it is hard to learn when it is time to be loved and when it is time to play.  Many people think it is cute when kittens get all riled up with rough handling by the owner and then when the cat is more of an adult, it isn't quite as cute.  You can extend your hand and she will rub against you - when she's done, she quits.  Same for getting on your lap or being held - she needs a few pats and then to have your hands removed or to be put down.  She'll learn better ways of getting attention with patience and consistency and hopes that that 'only' cat home sees her soon - she's quite the character with lots of tricks up her sleeve.  

And she loves toys - if you like playing interactive games with a cat, she's up for it.  'Pole' toys are special favorites.  

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