Monday, September 12, 2011

This week

Ellie Mae is at the Chuck and Don's in Highland. Stop by and visit with this pretty girl! Our picture doesn't do her justice as you can see.

She's a medium hair dilute tortieshell and she will need some help keeping her coat in good order. Now that she is getting regular meals and good nutrition she is developing a full coat. Her tail is already plush and brush like.

Ellie could live with another cat or a respectful dog but her low level grumbling at the other cats in her foster home seems to indicate she would enjoy being an only girl too. She's playful and comes for attention too. And, she's generally a talkative young lady!

Amber was recently returned to Pet Haven when she didn't fit into the needs of the new owner very well. She LOVES men! In her foster home the husband is retired so around and in and out during the day and she follows him everywhere in the house.

Amber gets along with another cat but we think she'd love to have someone to live with, a guy included, who works from home at least some of the time. We often hear that "oh, cats don't care about you, they just do their own thing". That's not Amber!

Amber wants people around more of the time than not, so if you have a busy work life and are gone from home 10-12 hours a day or more then she'll probably be happier elsewhere.

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