Friday, September 16, 2011

Cat Adoption, Sunday, 9/18, 1-3 p.m.

Come and enjoy - lots of cats and kittens available for adoption. PetCo Richfield at 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Looking for?

A lap cat

A loopy, zany, playful goof-ball?

A more independent cat?

Short hair? Medium hair? Long hair?

We have choices!

Amber - cute and playful. She's fine with another cat but loves men and hopes to be adopted into a family with a cat-loving man and, if you work from home part-time? That would be even better!

Shadow - also gets along with another cat-liking cat. She's willing to groom another cat and is beginning to be a lap girl in her foster home. She certainly knows what sleeping on the bed is all about! Front paw declawed.

Ellie - also playful and comes for some attention. She is a medium haired dilute torti and is beginning to grow in a full coat now that she is getting regular nutrition. She will need some regular combing of her coat to manage the amount of hair she's going to have. OK with another cat and respectful dog but we think she'd enjoy life as a princess even more.

Scamper - orange tabby with white

Miles - black, medium hair

These boys are fostered together and are very playful. They get along with another cat and do not have to be adopted together.

Scamper is shyer and will take some pursuing. Both come for some lap time. Miles would prefer not to have a dog in the house but he lives with 2 dogs in his foster home.

Hudson - cute and clever. He's all about games, hiding his toys and finding them. Will you throw one for him? Even better~

Pet Haven's Fall Benefit is coming soon. Purchase tickets, come and enjoy! Dinner, style show, silent auction. Find out what Pet Haven has been doing in the last year besides re homing cats and dogs! Hope to see you there, too.

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