Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What is cuter than a fluffy kitten?

Ferb certainly qualifies. She is a busy young lady, about 11 weeks of age now. She has a brother, Phinaeus, to play with also - he's a brown tabby with medium to long hair, just like she has.

Ferb is very playful, very busy and does not yet have much time for cuddling and laps. Because of her long hair she will need an owner who will regularly brush and comb her (at least 3 times a week or for a couple minutes every day) so she is used to that process. Once her full coat comes in, she will undoubtedly need help with maintaining and keeping matts at bay.

She has been fostered in a home with a young elementary age child and has been picked up and held often. She does not like to be carried around, however, and has lots of opinions of her own! It seems she has her own play and toy agenda well thought out and doesn't want you to mess with her schedule!

Delightful to watch, fun to enjoy, a young girl who will develop into more of a lap cat with your gentle encouragement.

Interested? You can find an adoption application here and submit it online.

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