Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cats who love children

We have several cats who are very good with children. They like the activity level and even seem to enjoy or tolerate being carried and lugged around!

Dirks is a handsome guy. A light orange with very nice gold eyes. He's playful and lots of fun. He has been fostered with a small dog and with another milder mannered cat he is fine also.

Sylvie is another cat, a girl this time, who likes having children around and is energized by them. She's very playful on her own and enjoys naps in sunny windows but she loves to have the two neighborhood boys come visiting and they enjoy playing with her also. The boys are in early elementary school.

Amber loves activity too - she is especially fond of men and is a playful girl - again with those striking gold eyes. With or without another cat. If someone worked from home or if you home school, she'd love that too.

Amber is at the Chuck and Don's in Highland for a week or so. Stop by and visit her!

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