Monday, August 8, 2011


Pretty girl - short gray tabby fur with some stripes.

She's out and about around you, likes to explore and loves her laser light and pole toys. She'll need plenty of time spent with you playing.

Shadow will come up on the couch beside you, knows just what that soft bed is for (to sleep with you) and is on an exercise and diet plan to drop a pound or two.

Shadow was an owner surrender at another rescue. She was turned in because she was a victim and hid from the multiple other cats in the house.

She is in a foster home with 2 pretty laid back 'brothers' and they get along pretty well although she isn't out unsupervised full time with them.

We think she'd love to be an only cat too - as long as her human will play, talk and be with her. She wanders around the house, looking out the windows, wondering what is going on but amuses herself well when you are gone. Shadow is front paw declawed.

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