Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Jazz recently came from another shelter to Pet Haven.

She was surrendered by her owner when a family member became allergic. She is 8 yrs. old and that had been her only home since she was a young kitten.

Jazz is a short haired calico who has been front paw declawed. She is a little chunky and her foster is limiting the amount of food she has access to in order to get her to loose a pound or two.

Since Jazz loves to be around you and also loves catnip toys, it shouldn't be too hard for her to drop those pounds and be a trimmer lady.

She is very people oriented and lived with another cat her age and children and got along with everyone well. Life at an overcrowded shelter was not to her liking, however.

While she loves to have attention from you and be near you, she will also do well when left alone when you are at work - a sunny window, a little fresh air to smell and she can entertain herself for hours!

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