Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anna and Sharmaine

Anna, or Anne, is the torti mom who was found in a backyard shed in St. Paul earlier this spring with 4 babies. If you love tortis, Pet Haven seems to be finding them frequently this year. We have 2 more mothers who are tortis.

As often happens, the kittens have all been adopted - in pairs, that's always fun!

Anna is in a foster home and is learning about being picked up and held - it isn't as scary as it used to be and she loves to play! She is fostered with another cat, Grace, who was adopted from Pet Haven.

Anna loves her toys and her coat has improved dramatically. Being spayed and cared for inside with good nutrition and someone to love her has made a huge difference in her life.

has a new Pet Haven cat that you can go and visit!

Sharmaine is a beautiful girl but she hopes you will remember that her outer 'looks' aren't all of the package. She is a very nice girl, loves to be around you, is social, toys are the best thing ever.

She is a torti point siamese cross and has unusual markings with medium length hair.

Stop by to greet her and say hello - tell your friends and acquaintances about her too!

These two girls are just a couple of the many cats and kittens looking for homes through Pet Haven. Check them out!

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