Sunday, August 21, 2011

Getting to know you

Sylvie was left behind when renters moved out.

She was very people friendly and was checked out at a vet that Pet Haven works with.

Tested for feline leukemia and fiv, she was negative for both.

She had her vaccinations and was determined to be spayed.

Sylvie didn't seem to like other cats -

Sylvie has had lots of company in her foster home.

Adult friends and neighbors arrived to meet this new girl. She was proclaimed a winner!

Children in the neighborhood came to visit, high spirited early elementary aged boys.

Sylvie loved them!

Gradually Sylvie has been observing the other cats in her foster home. The older female and male didn't seem to be too bothersome.

Ooops! Here comes Maggie! She's a lady who will put you in your place in short order.

What about Spencer? Not so sure.

One day Sylvie was put in the condo while her foster went visiting. Low and behold, when she arrived home both Sylvie and Spencer greeted her at the door! (Apparently the lowed door to the condo had been left open by mistake.)

So now, most of the time, Sylvie is out and about with everyone.

We still think she wouldn't mind being an only cat but given lots of time, she'd probably do fine with another respectful one.

What else would she like? Well - a loving family with several children she could play with and follow around would be right up her alley. But she hopes never to see another 'alley' in her life and wishes to be safe and pampered from now on.

Sylvie is a medium haired tuxedo with lovely, long white whiskers and eyebrows, cute white feet and tummy and some white on her face. She enjoys being brushed and combed too.

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