Monday, March 21, 2011


Tinker is a cute fellow and a nice mix of loving and playfulness!

He's a handsome orange tabby with short hair.

OK! I'm awake now!

Where's the food?

Are you going to play with me?

I need someone to follow around and keep me company!

And, then, sometimes I just need a tummy rub and some lap time for awhile! (In the photo below Tinker appears to be buff in color but he is a handsome orange fellow.)

Out running errands this week?

Stop by the Chuck and Don's in Highland and meet the cutest girl who is visiting there! Lucy, aka Kenzie, is a busy, busy lady. She loves to play games of chase and romp and believes all toys were made for her! She'll come for some lap time too but needs to be up exploring more of the time! She'd love another kitten or young adult cat in her life.

And she loves to pose for the camera, so if you want to send pictures to everyone, she'll be happy to cooperate!

Lucy is fostered with Ash, aka Mr. Darcy, and they make a nice combination. They play chase and other games together as well as other games. Mr. D is a gray tabby with short hair, he's definitely more laid back and loves to be the lap child.

Fill out an adoption application found at our website and submit it and you will receive a prompt response on these or any other cats we are fostering!

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