Friday, March 25, 2011

Things change

We all face change, sometimes change is exciting and rewarding and wished for. Other times change is none of those things.

Morrie, at almost 8 yrs. of age was surrendered at a shelter in Oct. 2010. It wasn't his idea - he was happy with his family and home life. What change occurred for his family that brought this about? We don't know.

By Dec. 2010 Morrie was at the vet clinic with what was assumed to be a herpes infection of the left eye. Stress can bring those on.

Morrie didn't like the shelter. He was intimidated by the number of cats there, he was definitely stressed. He spent a good share of his time sitting under a chair, hoping to be ignored. Through several months he was treated medically, only to relapse each time.

Pet Haven agreed to take this fellow. We've worked with herpes infections before and have had success with medications and then stability in the foster home until an adoptive home can be found.

Although Morrie's eye looked pretty calm at his intake exam he was taken to an opthamologist for a check-up. He found that Morrie had a penetrating injury to his eye - which went into and behind the lens. The cause? We don't know, we suspect it was the result of a claw in his eye. These kinds of injuries, that penetrate the lens, frequently become cancerous in cats.

On March 22, 2011 Morrie had his eye removed, the only way we could be sure this cancer would not occur.

Change - in a matter of 6 months Morrie's world has been turned upside down, he lost his home, he lost his family, he suffered a life-changing injury.

Change - he has a group behind him and fosters who will stick with him as he heals and waits to be adopted.

Morrie is a lover - definitely a lap cat, he gives hugs with both front paws upon your shoulders. He's a big fellow, weighing in at 10 pounds, and long too. He is mostly white haired (medium -long in length) and has some gray on his head and a little on his tail. He has been front paw declawed and is 8 yrs. old.

Morrie's remaining eye is blue. The one that was removed was yellow-green.

Morrie's looking forward to more change in his life - the chance of a forever home with more people to meet who will love him forever too.

Morrie won't be attending adoption events for awhile. He'll move into another foster home once his stitches are removed. You can e mail to and be updated, just inquire about Morrie.

When you see his pictures and a bio go up at our website,, click on Cats Available for Adoption, you will know that he is ready to find a new home. If you would like to make a donation to help with Morrie's care, it can be snail mailed to our address at:

Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota
PO Box 19105,
Minneapolis MN 55419

or you can donate through which has a link on this cat blog.

Pet Haven has been rescuing and rehoming cats and dogs since 1952. We are a 501.3c and all donations are tax deductible.

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