Monday, March 14, 2011

Looking for a monkey?

Hudson really doesn't like our adoption events terribly much. After all, he could be at home chasing after and carrying around and hiding his favorite toy - a pipecleaner.

At a recent adoption he tried to convince us he would do well exploring the store we were in!

I'll just reach out and touch someone - surely they will let me out!

(He did get to come out for a little lap time!)

Well, phooey - they aren't paying any attention to me - I'll have to figure out if I can find a spot to squeeze out -

Hudson is about 9 months old. He's not a very big fellow - he'll be a little shy coming in to meet new people but once he has settled in, he'll come to greet you when you come home. If you reach down and pat your thighs, he will come and stretch his paws up to be picked up.

Another cute girl we have is Wilma. She's sleek and shiny and loves to play too. Likes a fishing pole game with you, balls and some lap time too.

Some of us wait more patiently than others -

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