Monday, February 28, 2011

We need some help from you!

Pet Haven rescues cats from many different situations. Sometimes from the streets, sometimes a foster finds or hears about a stray, sometimes from another shelter, sometimes an owner needs to find a new home and calls us to help.

Our cats come in with all sorts of personalities, ages and looks. One cat might not appeal visually to one person but someone else will definitely love the look! Same with personalities.

Our cats stay in foster homes until they are adopted. Sad to say, some are in a foster home for several years before being adopted. Even those we think are attractive, have no special diet needs and who are easy to have around.

Riley is one of those slow-to-find-her-forever-home cats.

We've had her for over 2 years! What's the matter with Riley? We certainly can't figure it out.

Riley would love to be an only cat -

She's beautiful and wants someone to adore her alone.

She also doesn't like to have to share your attentions - that makes her cranky! What is more discouraging that wanting a little lap time only to find another cat in the lap!

She wants to sleep on the bed with you at night and not have another furry body interrupt her quality time with you.

She will take a week or two to settle in (pretty normal in a cat) and will be gradually warming up to her new surroundings and you during this time.

She's pretty low maintenance but you do need to be willing to give her regular head and body rubs - vigorous ones! With a brush, with your knuckles!

She's what we call a 'sunny window' cat - she comes for attention, likes to play with you some but is very capable of amusing herself. She won't be upset when you have to stay late at work but will greet you happily.

If you would take up her cause and help us find her her forever home, we'd all be pleased - not that she is a problem in her foster home. But just because Riley deserves her own home.

Riley's getting some extra publicity now too! Click here and spread the word about this gorgeous young girl.

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