Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sweet Adeline and Amber are sisters. They are busy, well-socialized girls who are very playful and who enjoy each other or playing with one of the owner's cats.

Sweet Addeline is the calico - she is a brown tabby calico with a predominantly white coat with splotches of tabby and orange mixed in.

Amber is orange and white - she also has a lot of white in her coat.

The girls are under a year, around 8 months of age.

Do they need to be adopted together? No, each would do well as an only cat (as long as you are willing to play with her a lot!) or each could go with another cat. They were raised with a chihuahua so have been in a foster home with a dog too.

Out shopping now that some of the snow has been plowed and hauled away? Stop in at Chuck and Don's in Highland to see Snowwhite who will be there through the weekend! A very white girl with pale blue eyes. Snow loves to play chase with you, play with her toys and watch out the window. She's sociable and enjoys meeting new people. Around a year in age.

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