Sunday, February 20, 2011

A storm and a happy tail

A few brave fosters and their cats came to the adoption today - we placed one boy, Mr. Watkins, who has been enjoying being inside rather than outside as he spent at least the summer. We wish him the best in his new home!

We have an update on Iggy, now Squiggy, who has been in his new home for awhile.

After the elderly family cat was euthanized, it was time to look for a kitten - one who was social and who would like children and adults. The family was called by the foster mom of Iggy and he seemed a good fit - he liked the young granddaughter in his foster home, he was very curious and busy and loved to cuddle - sleeping in bed under the covers was great fun!

Iggy applied and is content at home and very well loved.

He's just what his foster said he would be - busy, busy, busy, a lover of children and adults, a cuddle-bug, a counter surfer (here comes the spray bottle with water in it) and a gentle fellow.

Squiggy has been known to slip out the door into the garage so a new rule has been set up. The door into the house cannot be opened until the garage door goes down - no chance for Squigs to get outside!

Squiggy is an equal opportunity bed-sleeper too - he makes the rounds so no one feels left out.

He likes mom, dad, younger and older sister - Squiggy pretty much likes all folks! Congratulations buddy!

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