Monday, February 7, 2011


Kari came to Pet Haven almost a year ago in March. She was taken from a hoarder house with 6 kittens. All were covered with feces, urine and fleas. All were starving. Two of her kittens were dying and were euthanized.

Kari had not had enough food for months and was trying to support kittens too. She had almost no hair - in between the strands you could see the skin all over her body. Her backbone stuck out and you could feel every knob on her spine and pelvis. We knew she was a medium haired cat but had no idea she would be a long haired girl with feathers on her hocks and a 'mane' to rival a lion's!

Kari stayed with her kittens for a few days but was then separated so she could start to regain her health and they could begin to eat on their own. They loved to nurse on mom but she couldn't spare the calories and they were not getting enough nutrition from her. The kittens had to be fed 4 times a day - canned kitten food with dry left to munch on in between times. Kari was quiet but ate enough food on her own. By May she was healthy enough to get her vaccinations and be spayed.

She is a brown tabby torti and has lots of orange in her coat with white paws and chest. Kari is very playful, she especially loves to have you swish a toy on a stick along the floor and she will chase and chase it. She finds and makes up her own toys too - pens and pencils she can steal, pipecleaners that have been twisted and coiled. She loves the cat tree by the window.

Kari is a lap girl too. She settles in and likes a few strokes and is then content to stay and purr with an occasional pet from you.

Kari is a petite little girl and a bit sassy! She'll do best in a home with an adult or two but doesn't have the patience for being picked up and carried around or held like a baby. Her owner will have to enjoy having a cat to groom! With all her lovely hair, she now needs help in keeping the knots and tangles away. A wide toothed comb and a rake work well on her coat and a little combing each day keeps things under control. She can get matts under her armpits and that isn't much fun but otherwise she tolerates being combed quite well.

Kari's 4 surviving kittens were adopted over the last year and all are thriving in their new homes.

Soon we hope it will be Kari's turn to have a home of her own.

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