Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a difference a year makes

About a year ago Pet Haven took 3 very small kittens from an impound facility in the twin cities. 3 kittens were found in a garage, the mother had given birth there. The 4th one arrived several weeks later.

All weighed under 1.5 pounds and were thin and scrawny - and afraid of us. The man who owned the garage was going to live trap the mother so she could be spayed and he would return her to the neighborhood and continue to provide food, water and shelter for her.

The kittens were a project, a couple had infections that took some time to clear up, the runt, who was definitely in the worst condition, did not survive although we struggled for weeks. All were black with medium length fur although now that their coats are fully grown in, we realize they are long haired.

Dot, Denny and Duke have all been adopted and we have recent photos of Duke, now named Tsahim which we are told means fearless in Mongolian.

Tsahim resides with a dog, Monty, and loves him dearly. And he has turned into a large boy! 17 pounds and counting. The vet feels he is not overweight but should be close to 20 pounds when he is through growing!

All turned into charming, people loving kittens.

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