Friday, July 2, 2010

July already!

Keep yourselves and your cats and dogs safe this weekend.

Wear sunscreen, drive safely and conservatively in a boat or on land.

Keep your cat and dog confined in the house so they are not frightened and or hurt by fireworks.

Some of the cats from our recent adoptions who are safe at home forever:

Rascal Jack - big and handsome, a great companion, very much a people cat. He hides his fishing pole toy and then pulls it out when it is time to play with you. Who says a cat isn't clever!

Ms High Jinx, Minx - a tiny kitten with lots of energy when she came from impound last late summer. She's celebrating her birthday on July 4th and has lots of toys, WINDOWS to check on the birds and critters who come to the many feeders and a family who adores her. Her foster thought she was a bit of a 'tom-boy' but she loves to hide her toys in her new bed - and take the ribbons apart so bows can be retied.

Nap in the bed? Well, maybe a cat nap but so far it is better as a toy.

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