Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates are fun

We love to hear about the cats and kittens we previously had in foster care. Pictures are fun too - we can see how they've grown, where their favorites spots are in the home.

Life is good for Henry - this lucky former kitten was adopted into a home with 3 dogs. He and one of them, Mister, are the best of buddies and love to wrestle, groom and chew on each other.

Henry has been with his family for several years now - he certainly wouldn't have survived living in a rural, lake country wooded area on his own or made the friends he has. He is one of the lucky ones!

Kellog and Keegan are recently adopted, now called Ernie and Oscar - they are brothers who are very comfortable with each other. Nothing like a buddy to snooze with, play games of chase and wrestle and amuse friends and family.

These boys were part of a litter of 6 from a hoarder house - now their mom will have to worry about how fat they are getting rather than feeding starving 5 week olds 4 times a day to keep them alive.

Jenga is also from the hoarder house and will go to her new home later this week. She was close to hairless from malnutrition and flea allergies and the foster family discovered she is also deaf. She has adapted well, enjoys another cat buddy, snoozes hard and plays happily. She always enjoys having you wake her with a pat and some gentle words, even if she can't hear you.

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