Saturday, July 31, 2010

More good news

We've been hearing about newly adopted cats and those from awhile ago too. We do enjoy that.

Jesse, who is now named Leon, has gone to live with Sophie. He wasn't sure he liked Sophie at first but you can see that she won him over in just a few short days. He loves to cuddle too which is owners appreciate!

The kittens are close in age, born the same month. Right now it appears Sophie may be a bigger girl than Leon will. Time will tell.

Fudge, who is now named Fiona, has moved with her owners and her BFF, Ezzie, to a new home so pictures and a new address were sent to us. Fiona came from a hoarder house to us as a kitten almost two years ago. She's a loving little girl who is happy to have just one cat buddy to play with and a family who loves them both.

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Laila said...

The cats are cute and their eyes i like it...there is something in their eyes that makes you feel better...the picture are great...

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