Sunday, May 10, 2009


Cougar is no longer residing at Now Boarding because he has been taken home to see how he and the resident dog will do together.  It appears things are going well and Cougar will soon be adopted into a new family!  

Sapphire has taken his place at least while her foster is out of town for a week or so.  She is a very pretty little girl too with blue eyes.  

Frankie has gone to the Chuck and Don's location in Highland.  He will rotate in and out of the store there and is up for adoption also.  We'd like the cat to have time in a foster home too to better stretch his legs and have more lap time (or shoulder time, in Frankie's case).  Frankie loves to ride around on your shoulder!  He also thoroughly enjoys a game of chase with Peter and Buster who are also in his foster home.  

Fudge hopes you won't forget about her.  She's been in a new foster home for less than 2 weeks and has already managed to snuggle in with two of the resident 'older' ladies who live there.  Amber is orange, Greta is a brown tabby tortie and Fudge is in the same bed with them!  That's Moose in the foreground - his hair is growing back rapidly after his recent ear surgery.  

All are up for adoption through Pet Haven.  Help us continue to find homes for these cats who deserve a chance at being loved and cared for in their very own forever home.  

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